Custom and Commissioned Art,

Printed Products, and Private Workshops

Artist for Hire

Looking for the perfect gift? Consider having a custom made painting. Have a creative project, commission the artist to help. Have an idea for printed products to produce as a one-time option, this artist can help! Looking to learn how the artist creates some of the unique paintings featured on this site? Would you like to hire the artist to hold a mini-workshop for young artists? It’s a great party idea, and can be both inspirational, fun, and memorable!

Contact the Artist for more information, discuss your project, and receive your personal quote.

Custom & Commissioned Art Projects

“Looking to create that special painting for a gift? Or, maybe you have an idea for a set of paintings to use as décor?”

Whatever the need, hire this artist to produce something magical that will be a keepsake for years to come! Be sure to detail your request when you get in touch.

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Custom Printed Products

“If you like the reproductions of the artist’s original works available on a variety of merchandise, including bags, mugs, prints, clothes, and more – how about a custom printed product made-to-order exclusively for you?”

There’s a catalog of options to choose from.

Use the button above to contact the artist, or go to the site contact page

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Private Workshops & Events

“Ever wondered how this artist creates some of the original art works that you see? What’s the process? Where do you find the materials?

Or, perhaps you’d like to have the artist create some simple, creative, yet fun art activities to share with a group of children, or even adults. It’s a great party activity, and leaves the guests with their own special keepsake to remember the unique experience.

Use the button above to contact the artist, or go to the site contact page

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